Monday, May 17, 2010

...more mother's day pictures

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day was so fun this year! Cody had an off day on Mother's Day which was such a blessing! We got to go to church as a family, lunch as family, and of course go to the ballpark afterwards!!! haha...

Cody took two of our favorite family's in Montgomery, Alabama to tour the Biscuits Clubhouse! The Bostic's and the Taylor's got to see the inside of the locker room, the showers, the tunnel where the players get to the dugout, it was so neat! Cody even took them out on the field and into the players indoor batting cage! He gave the boys some batting lessons while we were in there and Asher starting feeling left out so he joined Cody in the cage. Feeling the need to keep Asher safe and sound we proceeded to put him in the ball cart!! Asher didn't mind a bit...a basket full of balls, are you kidding me!? The kid was in ball heaven!

Needless to say we had a great time and a wonderful Mother's Day spent with my family and two family's I'm going to figure out how to adopt into our family!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Heart for Women

I am really feeling passionate about this subject at the moment and my goal is not to offend anyone but to make us think.

Why are women all around constantly feeling the need to show to much skin? I do not consider myself to be extremely conservative and I have (and wear) a bikini out in public, but I can promise everything is tucked neatly away in it's proper places!

I'm talking about just everyday outfits and shirts! Why do you want your BOOBS hanging out?!! Married women, why, why why??? I don't understand?! Don't you want that part of your body reserved for your husband only? On second thought, don't you want for him to only look at your body ONLY!? How do you feel about your husband's head on a constant swivel and all he See's are BREAST in every direction!

My poor husband has to stare at the ground everywhere he goes just to keep from looking in the wrong direction! That's terrible! I don't want him to have to do that! I want my husband to be able to enjoy life and look around at God's creation of the world and not have to worry that some women forgot to get fully dressed that morning!

Ladies, we have to get to the root of our problem! Why do we feel the need to get attention or satisfaction in our lives from men? On a second note, what kind of women wants to get that kind attention from another married man?! Sit and think deep on that for a moment?

I love women! I truly do...I think we are neat creations of the Lord! We are funny, intelligent, discerning, nurturing, loving, cheerful, playful and mothering, human beings. I have some dear women in my life that are my everything next to my husband. Without them life simply would not be the same. I believe God has an amazing plan for me (I don't know what that looks like yet) but I am rest assured it is to win women to the Lord!

I know the Lord has a plan for you. It doesn't matter where you are right now in life, but where and what steps you take from this day forward. It doesn't matter what you woke up and put on your body this morning but what you put on while walking out of your house this afternoon!

Love your self, your husband, your boyfriend, your friends, enough to cover it up!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share this with passion and knowing it came from a loving heart for women.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 2010- Asher Updates!

I haven't written in almost a month and Asher has changed and is doing so much lately I have to update everyone!

The newest things he is saying, "Good boy!" every time he does something good or is just being good he gets lots and lots of praise, clapping and cheering from mommy and daddy, along with the saying "good boy asher!"

That baby is a sponge! He can repeat anything we ask him too! It's so fun! The other day we were reading a book, the book had a picture of a turtle in it. I pointed to the turtle and said, "Asher can you say turtle?" And he did!!! Except he pushed out both of his lips and said it in the sweetest little voice I have ever heard..."Tur-tle" with two syllables and an emphasis on the "T's", is was precious!

Things like this just make my heart melt! He is running now and becoming very adventurous! It's so neat to watch him play around the house, sit and turns the pages in a book, pull out all the Tupperware and "cook" with mommy.

He wants band aids on all the time, even when there are no "boo boo's" he wants one or four for each arm and leg!! He has a bruise on his head at least once a week, poor baby runs into everything!

He recently loves to push cars around the house and is learning how to send them rolling across the room! The ball however, is still is ultimate favorite toy!! He still throws EVERYTHING he gets his hands on, but is doing great with not throwing his food, and on occasion he will set his sippy cup down on the table instead of chunking it at someone or across the room!!

Asher loves the water! The bath is probably his favorite time of day! He loves for me to pump the baby body wash into his hands so he can wash his own hair, toes, and face! It's so funny how independent he is becoming already!

He uses a fork and spoon incredibly well for a 1yr old. I'm actually surprised at how much ends up in his mouth and not all over the floor! He is such a big boy!

I love that he wakes up and calls for "ma-ma" and when he is upset loves his "da-da"...he is truly loved and knows it and I love that!

I'm really happy he is able to be without me and not throw a fit or cry for me the whole time! I would be lying if I said that lately when he calls for me ALL THE TIME not crying just calls my name when he can't see me or he doesn't know where I am, my heart melts and I love every minute of it!

He love Veggie Tales, Cars, and the most recent fav Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! :) It's so funny when the music comes on he sings and sways back and forth! My baby was born with some soul and I absolutely love it!!

Let's see what else!? :) I think that is pretty much it for now! I will be posting lots of pictures soon...I have a ton on my phone that need to be sent to my computer!