Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Asher Strait is finally a 1 year old! It's funny how when people told me, "It goes by fast!" I never really thought they meant it blows by like a 150 mph race car! I can remember every single detail about the day he was born, I can remember the first time I looked at him, I can remember his soft little cry, the way he felt in my arms, the way he smelled, how soft his skin was, the ride home, and the first night he slept all night long on my chest. I am crying now...

Well, now that I got that out! I have loved watching him grow and learn new things! I really like when he copies what Cody and I do or say...that's too funny! Asher throws everything you put in his hand it doesn't matter what it is, it's going to get chunked across the room! I praying he doesn't play baseball and that he goes to college and becomes a doctor or a layer, but something tells me he is going to have an amazing arm so I guess I'll leave it up to God. His plans is always better than mine!

Asher is not walking yet but I know it's just days away. I'm not in a hurry for him to do anything I'm just soaking up every minute of him cruising around all the furinature and crawling around everywhere!

Again, when I get the camera thing worked out I'll be posting some cute pics!


I'm so terriable at keeping this thing updated! I also feel like I start every entry with that. The truth is I just don't have time, (or make time) to sit in front of the computer and write! I need to, it makes such good memories to look back new years resoultion is to get better at it! Also, I'm having some computer problems. I really need a new lap top mine is a dinosaur, I've had it since college!

November flew by...I hate every minute of it! I want a big stop button to make it all slow down! I love Asher, I love everthing about him, even when he is fussy and I don't think I can take one more second of it, it's all worth it and I never want it to stop!

We had a good Turkey Day. Asher love all the good ole Thanksgiving Day food and even better we celebrated his 1st Birthday that weekend at the Waco Ranch!! Eating his birthday cake was the very first sweet thing he has ever tried, in his whole 1yr of living...and to my great joy he really didn't seem to be crazy about it! He licked it but after a few minutes was ready to move on to bigger and better things!! Hey, that works for me!

When I can fix my computer and figure out why I can't download my pictures anymore I will be uploading some!!! He is too cute!!